About Us

Who we are

A table linen brand with a versatile collection of table dressings, each piece designed as much for its beauty as its practicality.

The essence of Alpana’s design is to give art a place in your day to day lives.

What we do

We employ women working from home, blending Indian craftsmanship with contemporary design to create beautiful table linen.

About the Designer

Alpana Gujral’s design theory treads finely between traditional glamour and modern day functionality. She was born into a family that not only appreciated art but created it.

As the daughter of prominent artist Satish Gujral, her aesthetics were fine-tuned while growing up; she instinctively learned the precise balance between refinement and bravado. She grew up in a world that breathed art. Her discerning combination of colors, lines and avant garde expression are all reminiscent of her father’s art philosophy. With this foundation, she furthered her education at the Delhi School of Art, where she acquired technical skills to accompany her artistic intuition.

Alpana started her career designing garments and frequented trips to Paris which began her global exposure to style and fashion. After many years of learning about the textile design and production process, she seamlessly moved on to doing graphics for tiles. She continued her enlightened artistic journey further conquering interior and furniture design which she still considers a hobby before finally transitioning to jewelry design.

With the new home brand she aims to work on a social cause by rekindling her passion for the home. This new collection of home wares, similar to those she owns herself, hopes to bring a sliver of her aesthetic to every home.